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For the purposes of these terms and conditions any references to 'the company' means CNC Searches Ltd and any third party organizations, associates, partners or employees used during the course of legitimate CNC Searches Ltd business. Any reference to the 'client' means the vendor, the purchaser or the purchaser's lender. Please note, where the vendor or the purchaser have instructed a third party to act as their agents (such as an Estate Agent, Solicitor or Home Information Pack Provider), these parties will be treated as representatives rather than 'clients'.

1 .  CNC Searches Ltd provides Conveyancing Searches and other Conveyancing related products. We are neither Process Servers nor Enquiry Agents.
2.  CNC Searches Ltd services are restricted to UK based properties only.
3.  Unless otherwise agreed, all instructions must be in writing and include full postal address, location plan and the appropriate fee.
4.  Should no location plan be provided, CNC Searches Ltd will still fulfill the requested service but will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the results.
5.  The information contained in a Search Report has been obtained by a personal inspection of public records and other legitimate sources available in the public domain.
6.  'CNC Searches Ltd undertakes to ensure that information will only be obtained by fully trained staff, or associates experienced in carrying out Local Authority Searches. The search report has been prepared with reasonable skill and care.
7.  CNC Searches Ltd accepts no responsibility for revealing incomplete or inaccurate information where this is the result of incomplete or inaccurate source material.
8.  Unless otherwise requested only Planning Register entries dated 1 January 1950 or later will be included in the Search Report.
9.  All personal searches carried out by CNC Searches Ltd are covered by our Professional Indemnity insurance for up to £2m per search against 'errors and omissions'.
10.  In the event that the client suffers loss as a result of the negligence or otherwise, the liability of CNC Searches Ltd will be limited to an amount not exceeding £2 million in respect of any individual claim.
11.  Where included within a HIP, the local authority will be liable for any negligent or incorrect entry in the records searched. CNC Searches Ltd will be liable for any negligent or incorrect interpretation of the records searched, or recording of that interpretation in the report.
12.  Where included within a HIP, the relevant provisions of this contract may be enforced equally by the seller, a potential or actual buyer or a mortgage lender, and in their own right, whether or not they are a party to the contract.
13.  Where included within a HIP, the name of the insurer who provides run-off cover is Simply Business Ltd.
14.  Where included within a HIP, A responsible person may copy or issue a copy of the search report for the purposes of complying with the HIPs (No. 2) Regulations 2007 and the Housing Act 2004.
15.  Where additional information is required and forms an essential part of a search request, it is the obligation of the client to inform CNC Searches Ltd at the outset. E.g. Optional Enquiries.
16.  Where it is only available at an additional cost/time element CNC Searches Ltd undertakes to inform the client of any additional fees that may be chargeable for obtaining such information.
17.  In the event of the client requesting 'copy documents', a fee will be charged based on the cost/time elements of obtaining said documents and any local authority disbursement. CNC Searches Ltd undertakes to inform the client of such fees at the time of the request.
18.  CNC Searches Ltd aims to complete all searches within five working days. However, where this is not possible due to external factors e.g. local authority appointment systems, we will provide an estimated completion date.
19.  Where CNC Searches Ltd is aware in advance that there may be a delay in completing the instruction, CNC Searches Ltd undertakes, wherever possible, to inform the client at the outset. In all other circumstances, CNC Searches Ltd to inform the client within twenty-four hours of becoming aware of any such delay.
20.  Where the delay is due to external factors 'Your company name' does not accept liability for any loss, financial or otherwise, incurred by the client, as a result of said delay.
21.  Results will be typed and submitted in CNC Searches Ltd Report format, (this format is fully compliant with the requirements of the HIP Regulations (No: 2) 2007, HIP Regulations Procedural Guidance 2007 and Interim Measures; sample reports are available on request). In the case of inter agent searches this will be a Short form report which provides information only.
22.  The client must notify any defect or inaccuracy in the report provided by CNC Searches Ltd , in writing, within seven days of the error being discovered. In the event that such notice is not given, the client shall be deemed to have been satisfied with the performance of CNC Searches Ltd.
23.  Each search is deemed to be an individual contract governed by English Law.


Your Privacy and Security

    Your personal details are held on a secure database and these details are used solely for the provision of the Services. We will not pass confidential customer information to other organisations unless you (or your agent) specifically authorise us to do so during the ordering process.
    Your Order will be retained by us in an electronic format and is available for inspection upon reasonable notice for a period of 6 years from the date of Confirmation of Order.


    Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the Charges will include VAT at the applicable rate.
    Unless indicated otherwise the Charges also include all delivery and communication costs.
    You shall be liable for payment for the Services at the rates notified to you prior to the Order, unless otherwise advised before the Confirmation of Order, or before the commencement of performance of the Services. All other invoices shall be paid within 30 days, except in specific cases where other Terms have been agreed in writing.
    We reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding sums at 1.75% monthly and to recover costs associated with the same.


    If you cancel your order after confirmation of acceptance of the order has been provide, the cancellation must be in writing, any refund of monies already paid will be at our discretion and you will be liable to pay any charges that have been incurred up to the date the order is cancelled.
    Where appropriate these Terms and Conditions constitute notice pursuant to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 as amended and the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. In particular the 7 day cooling off period and right to cancel without charge available to individual (non business) consumers under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 will not apply as you agree that work will begin on your order before the end of the 7 day cooling off period.

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  • CNC Searches provided a very professional service and at a very good price. I will most certainly be calling on their services again in the near future. It is reassuring to know that I can count on them when needed and cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Martin Chong


  • First class service, what I want, when I want it, flexible as I need it.

    Roger Sinclair


  • Manny thanks for this. Your company has been brilliant and so efficient. I will definitely recommend to friends!

    Cindy Goldin

  • Professional services  provided  in a timely fashion. Good value for money; I definitely recommend CNC Searches for searches.

    Julia D


  • Fantastic service, a quick turnaround and will definitely be using them again...highly recommended.

    Riad H