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Anti-Money Laundering Checks

The criminal liability associated with the avoidance of anti-money laundering compliance cannot be overlooked, whatever the size of your legal practice. A wide range of organisations, including solicitors, must check the identity of customers as part of stringent anti-money laundering legislation.

The UK's stringent Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) guidelines recommend a risk-based approach to money laundering prevention. CNC Searches system is fully compliant with these legal requirements and helps businesses to significantly reduce the cost of compliance, in some cases by up to 95%.

We provide our clients with:

  • Anti - Money Laundering Checks (in accordance with JMLSG Guidelines)
  • Credit Checks / Identity Verification
  • Tenancy Reference Checks

Much more than an identity check

CNC Searches AML is more than an identity verification tool. There are such tools in the market that only provide a basic ID check and these, along with traditional paper methods, do not qualify as Money Laundering checks. Paper processes are often timely, open to potential fraud and don't offer the range of search criteria that a CNC Searches AML presents.

CNC Searches AML is a proven electronic AML customer due diligence system that has been designed to specifically meet this requirement by interrogating a vast database which includes information on 45million UK consumers and over 300 million consumer credit agreement records and independent data sources to enable users to reach a decision instantly, with confidence and certainty.

With CNC Searches you can easily and cost effectively protect your practice and be 100% compliant.

Our system allows users to cross-check personal client details against a range of population data sources, including the Electoral Roll (2001 – 2010), financial data from Equifax, telephone, addresses data, deceased and gone away files, DVLA, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) intelligence file, the enhanced sanctions register, and also the added functionality of checking international passport databases and the Passport Office.

CNC Searches AML will allow you to...

  • Comply fully with anti-money laundering legislation
  • Obtain an immediate pass or refer result
  • Speed up the application process for new clients
  • Pay per each check or via a simple 2 weekly billing cycle, ensuring you avoid any large up-front costs that may not reflect your actual usage level
  • Benefit from a paperless, secure web based system
  • Check your client against Electoral Roll 2001 – 2010 files
  • Check the background of your client against OFAC list (US treasury –Office of foreign Assets Control) and PEP (politically exposed persons) and terrorist files
  • Set your individual risk search levels for an enhanced risk based approach
  • Refer to a full database audit trail of all searches

This enables our clients to make informed business decisions based on a thorough knowledge of consumer identity and behaviour, leading to more effective communication and interaction with the customer.

Customer Feedback

  • CNC Searches provided a very professional service and at a very good price. I will most certainly be calling on their services again in the near future. It is reassuring to know that I can count on them when needed and cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Martin Chong


  • First class service, what I want, when I want it, flexible as I need it.

    Roger Sinclair


  • Manny thanks for this. Your company has been brilliant and so efficient. I will definitely recommend to friends!

    Cindy Goldin

  • Professional services  provided  in a timely fashion. Good value for money; I definitely recommend CNC Searches for searches.

    Julia D


  • Fantastic service, a quick turnaround and will definitely be using them again...highly recommended.

    Riad H